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My eclectic treatment approach involves facilitating a therapeutic environment, promoting emotional growth and building coping skills. Treatment goals focus on improving relational difficulties (e.g., parent-child; couple), achieving personal, educational and professional goals, maintaining psychological well-being and making healthier life choices. You will receive the highest level of expertise, individualized care and personal attention. 

I specialize in the treatment of the following:

- Academic underachievement 

- Adolescent, young adult and men's issues 

- Anger management

- Behavioral addiction (internet & video gaming overuse)

- Family and relationship issues

- Intrafamilial, cultural and acculturation issues

- Korean-American adolescents, young adults & couples

- Life transitions

- Performance anxiety in athletes and musicians

- Stress management for executives

- Substance abuse and addiction



I aim to provide a comprehensive, individualized approach to the treatment of addiction, and to promote integrative healthcare toward recovery. Outpatient treatment phase under my care will include integrative wellness-focused interventions to address patients' addiction holistically and enhances all domains of life. In collaboration with a close network of physicians, wellness coaches, nutritionists and other adjunct care providers, I work with my patients toward designing an integrated personalized plan and guide them toward achieving optimal treatment outcome. From the initial phase of the transition and during the course of treatment, you will benefit from the individualized integrative care, evidenced-based interventions and personal attention.

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